About Us

We are fun and feel lashes should be fun too! 
From butterflies, strawberries, rainbows to unicorns, we create the unlimited fantasy. Staring into someone’s eyes is the sexiest aphrodisiac and our whimsical lashes flirt with hearts.

Furthermore, our strip lashes are cruelty-free and made from premium silk fiber. Our glue is latex-free and 100% made in Korea! Our innovative products and sustainable and reusable packing, including our lashes with appropriate care.

Our Believes                                                                                                                
Winsome Lash advocates and supports environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to help to improve this community 
by making premium packages reusable! Meaning we use recycled paper. Our packages can be reused for coins, small hair clips or jewelry storage.

Our Goal                                                                                                                     
Fill the fun with magic!